Luke Wilson

Graphic Design Student 

I'm a young designer studying at Glasgow Clyde College. I really enjoy typography and illustration work and my favourite kind of projects are corporate identities. The designers who influence my work the most are Saul Bass, Alan Kitching and Paul Rand. My goals in the future are to design for a wide range of industries and clients for example, album covers in the music industry or typography for title sequences in the film industry. My long term dream is to have my own design studio and exhibition my own work.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 saw an end to a divided Europe. Although the wall only separated one city, it represented a division between two sides in Europe as a result of the Cold War. Built during World War Two, the wall separated democracy from communism: two very different ways of life.

The poster has two East Berlin soldiers as the focal point. The communist system denies people their, freedom, individualism and ability to express themselves so the soldiers were made jet black to show how they have been stripped of their personalities under communist rule.

Western civilisation is expressed mainly through individual illustrations compiled together, celebrating what is great about the west and its communities which are made up of many different individuals. These are all very colourful and done using various creative methods such as oil paint, coloured pencil and oil pastel. Again this is to show the democratic way of life which embraces everyone being different. They are also created with different mediums to represent that the young generation was not obedient or compliant. This generation embodied everything communism is against. Spray paint was used in the background and for the typography. This was inspired by the wall itself and the graffiti which was on it. Graffiti art is a very rebellious style which I used to signify the impulsive and wild young generation which helped stand up to the east. Splattered paint is also used in the background to resemble blood, showing the violence which had taken place between the two sides in the past.


The way I created these posters was first to begin with the two soldiers. I created them from removing backgrounds of photos and adjusting the levels to create a stencil effect. I then developed the backgrounds using spray paint and splattered acrylic paint. When adding in each illustration I used a variation of the multiply, darker colour and other effects to blend them into the background and remove the white background they originally had. I also played with the saturation of these to give a colourful impact.

Simon Says Run, 2019

Mixed Media Poster

420 x 594 mm

Cold Call to Violence, 2019

Mixed Media Poster

420 x 594 mm

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